July 4th, 2016

MMT (Monday Mail Time) #001

I think a weekly mail post is a good idea to keep me posting on here. I am also going to keep them public so people can see it I am still active since my updates are friend only. But the main reason is to keep myself organized cause even with all my planners... Well, I am a mess still. I only check my PO box once a week so it is always a Happy Mail Day, heh.

[STATUS | Trying to get organized after the move out of Ohio. ]

 photo NotebookWritings.gif

Amanda M. in AR 07.05.16
Sarah E. in LA 07.05.16
Rebecca R. in AR 07.05.16

Susanne S. in Germany 06.05.16
Logan O. in GA 07.05.16
Dee K. in MA 07.05.16
Alicia P. in MA 07.05.16
Hope W. in NC 07.05.16


Ash F. in HI
Lucy L. in WA
Melissa J. in CA
Tanya D. in PA
JJKun in OK
Emma H. in UK
Dee N. in TN
Jessica N.
Amanda M.
Sarah E.
Rebecca R.

Write letters
Stay organized
Get rid of excess decos
Set up deco station