Aurora (twistedfae) wrote,

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

We finally have a tv in the bedroom that I can hook up my GameCube to play this game. I was thinking of just playing it using the Wii but since I deleted all Jamie's game files... Oopsy. It would be worse of me not to use it, lol. I have been playing it for a few hours already and I still feel like starting over. I picked the river location but the see is calling my name still, lol. I would have multiple saves but this game take up a whole cartridge for one save. Wii maybe?

 photo 2014-02-06-13-31-47_deco_zpskyvxwsax.jpg

I got the game a few weeks ago after stumbling on to a YouTube video. I don't remember playing this. I know we had one for the Wii that Jamie traded in and I never got a chance to get into it. But I remember it being different. I got this cause you can marry Jamie but the games ends after the wedding and now I am not sure I want to marry him. He is so mean to me but I can make him love me. Heh.

 photo 2014-02-06-14-00-46_deco_zpsey45kksn.jpg

This guy cracks me up! I can always visit him for a laugh at least. This game should of been on a handheld. All HM games should be cause I get obsessed wanting to take it everywhere. I am currently playing Rune Factory 4 too. That I can take with me but they should make a game that looks like this for the 3DS.

 photo 2014-02-06-16-54-31_deco_zpsubnudjc4.jpg

The only main progress in the game that I have made... It is slow going.

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